Subject: Re: gre tunneling causing predictable reboot
To: Heiko Rupp <>
From: None <>
List: tech-net
Date: 05/06/2001 09:41:36
>> >new RFC on GRE, that updates RFC1701/2 a bit.
>> if it is permitted to break existing configuration, i would suggest
>> redesigning gre(4) to take SIOCSIFPHYADDR, and split outer header
>> address pair configuration from inner pair.  just like gif(4) does.
>I haven't looked at gif(4) so far, but I can imagine, that this would make
>sense. Also I beleive, that gre is not that heavily used, that a interface
>change could still be done. Perhaps with a big warning out of ifconfig if
>the old syntax is used or such in addition to release notes etc.

	ok, if i find some time i try to look at this (if you have time,
	please do).  there seem to be some other inner header/outer header
	mixups (like setting outer TTL using inp->inp_ttl).
	and i'd add IPv6 support as well :-)