Subject: Re: etc/rc.d/network: ! syntax in /etc/ifconfig.*
To: None <>
From: HEO SeonMeyong <>
List: tech-net
Date: 05/04/2001 02:22:30
	This is HEO writing.

> > 	I want to pull up this feature.
> > 	And I want to use "ifconfig gif* create" on 1.5(1.5.1?)
> Why ? in 1.5.x gif aren't cloning devices, so you have a fixed number of
> devices existing at boot time.

	I know it.
	So now I using fixed number of gif.
	This is only my wish that gif on 1.5.x kernel change to cloning

	Anyway, I want to pull up /etc/rc.d/network.