Subject: Re: author of ping
To: Hubert Feyrer <>
From: Jason R. Fink <>
List: tech-net
Date: 04/29/2001 16:46:54
Just chiming in :)

| > Personally, I think this proposal is unnecessarily morbid.  Reminding
| > users of death each time they read the documentation doesn't seem
| > good.

actually I sort of agree with this more, the authors name should be
there anyway but not the rest . . . it just seems creepy.

| While I don't care about the "morbid" bit, I think this is right - this is
| a manpage, not author biography. (With all due respect to each author, of
| course - dead or alive!)

would it be a good idea to think about a sort of dedications section on Not just for this but, well, lets face it NetBSD folks will
eventually die as well. I am sure many have already, hopefully I am not
the next user anyway :)

I have no idea how much detail a page should have but it should only
have developers/contributors who have some relative importance (IMHO
anyone in

I reckon another page could be erected for substantial folks outside of
NetBSD who have made significant BSD, Unix or some other related contribs
that have affected NetBSD.

Just a thought and definitely not something that needs to be mulled over

	thanks for your time,


Jason R. Fink <>