Subject: ipfilter
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: tech-net
Date: 04/20/2001 02:48:59

I want to use latest ipfilter for IPv6 packet filtering.
I know ipfilter-3.4.16 was imported to -current.

But I like -release branch.

I made ipfilter-3.4.17 patch for NetBSD-1.5.1_BETA.
It is based on -current ipfilter codes and 3.4.17 patch.

I got -current ipf codes from AnonCVS. I got these files:

I patched patch-3.4.17.gz from
and merge all .rej files by hand. -current to 3.4.17 diffs are:

I copy these codes to -1.5.1_BETA source. And some modification
to success compile. -1.5.1_BETA to 3.4.17 diffs are:

-current to -1.5.1_BETA diffs are:

Sorry, I don't have enough knowledge for packet filtering.
I don't know my patch is safe or unsafe.
I'm using patched kernel and userland for testing.
It works fine for me.
At least, I can complete 'make release'. I don't get any
panic at runtime.

Please tell me my patch is good or bad. or any comments.

Thank you.