Subject: Re: ipnat and ident/dcc
To: Gwilym Evans <>
From: None <>
List: tech-net
Date: 04/19/2001 07:32:20
On Thu, Apr 19, 2001 at 11:56:51AM +1000, Gwilym Evans wrote:
> I posted something like this to the users list a while ago (at least, the
> ident part) but thought I may try this list too, just incase.
> Does anyone have working solutions to make ipnat IRC friendly? That is,
> making incoming ident and outgoing DCCs work.

ipnat DCC friendly?  IPNat _IS_ unfriendly. Not to mention other problems,
it assumes that no address is ever transmitted over a data channel. This
is what breaks irc DCC, and talk, and ftp data connections.

For the latter, it only works because special knowledge for ftp was put into

> At the moment I can only get ident working by forwarding tcp/113 to my main
> machine. And for DCC well, as far as I know, it doesn't use any standard
> port, it actually uses the irc connection to provide the other user with
> port and ip info beforehand.

Right. Basically, NAT breaks network transparency, the result is that only
a subset of applications works that works in real IP.