Subject: Re: A6 and libresolv
To: Andrew White <>
From: None <>
List: tech-net
Date: 04/06/2001 13:43:34
>As far as I can tell, /usr/lib/libresolv.* in 1.5 doesn't support A6
>addresses, only AAAA.  Is this assumption correct?


>Is an A6 version available?

	no.  as you may know there's a hot discussion about whether
	A6 is a good idea or not.  it would be too early for us to put
	A6 support in libc and/or libresolv.

>The BIND9 documentation suggests that it comes with an "Experimental IPv6
>resolver libarary", but I don't see it, and don't seem to have A6 support
>except in the BIND tools.

	because BIND9.1 does not come with BIND8 binary-compatibility code,
	we cannot integrate BIND9 resolver libraries yet.  also as mentioned
	above A6 itself has a lot to be discussed.

	there are a couple of ways to use A6 queries today.

	- run named from BIND 9.2.0 snapshot on machine X, with "A6 to AAAA
	  synthesis" functionality turned on.  point machine X from client Y
	  using Y:/etc/resolv.conf.  Y will make AAAA queries, X will make
	  A6/AAAA queries, and give AAAA reply back to Y.
	- link your application with BIND9 liblwres.a and headers,
	  run BIND9 lwresd on your machine.