Subject: Re: $flushroutes
To: None <>
From: JINMEI Tatuya / =?ISO-2022-JP?B?GyRCP0BMQEMjOkgbKEI=?= <>
List: tech-net
Date: 04/02/2001 16:09:46
>>>>> On Mon, 02 Apr 2001 15:59:46 +0900, 
>>>>> said:

> 	hello, there seem to be some problem with "flashroutes" rc.conf
> 	directive.  it now calls
> 		route -n flush
> 	and it nukes some of the important IPv6 routes.

> 	do people object if we change the meaning as follows?

> 	current:
> 	$flushroutes: nuke all routes (route -n flush)

> 	new behavior:
> 	$flushroutes: nuke IPv4 routes, YES by default (route -n flush -inet)
> 	$flushroutes6: nuke IPv6 routes, NO by default (route -n flush -inet6)

A couple of additional notes:

>   E-5. /etc/rc.d/network executes "route -n flush" by default, which removes
>        preinstalled IPv6 routes, specifically, a route for fe80::%lo0/64.
>        Although this would not be so harmful for daily use, you might want to
>        change the line as follows:
>        route -n flush -inet
>        so that only IPv6 routes would be removed, or add the following

"IPv6" at the above line should be "IPv4".

2. The problem pontentially exists in NetBSD-current or NetBSD 1.5.
   However, the kernel of those versions do not installed the IPv6
   routes in question, so the problem does not appear on those systems

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