Subject: setting IPv6 default route in /etc/rc
To: None <>
From: Jon Buller <>
List: tech-net
Date: 03/24/2001 20:24:00
One of my neighbors decided to cut down a tree today, and made my
machine go down for almost an hour today.  I noticed when the
machine came back up that there was no default for my newly
established IPv6 tunnel.  (And I had been hacking on a bunch of
network startup scripts for appletalk, IPv6, etc., so I was suprised
this was the biggest problem.)

I'm running 1.5 on a Sparc LX, and wondering if there is there a
way to add the default route without using /etc/netstart.local
which has "XXX this must die" just above it in /etc/rc.d/network.
I think it would be nice to have everything in rc.conf, including
the stuff I had to put in /etc/ifconfig.le0 since it needs to be
two lines long now.

Be that as it may, that still leaves me with adding the default
route.  The most obvious seems to be to extend the $defaultroute
to have two lines in it, or allow /etc/mygate to have multiple
lines.  (Or merge a default route per protocol into one execution
of route? ick.)

Anyway, what is the current recommended practice for this kind of