Subject: Re: IPv6 and BitchX
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: tech-net
Date: 03/23/2001 05:47:50
	maybe tech-pkg is a better place, anyway.

>Does BitchX runs in IPv6 mode ?
>I saw that BitchX ( is patched to run with IPv6,
>but in pkgser tree is it enabled ?

	the latest pkgsrc/chat/bitchx/Makfeile (revision 1.4) does not
	pull IPv6 patch in.  you just need to add lines like PATCH_SITES
	or PATCHFILES into Makefile, and build.  if you could verify that:
	- it works over IPv4 and IPv6, on dual stack NetBSD 1.5 box
	- dual stack binary works over IPv4, on IPv4-only NetBSD 1.5 box
	- it compiles okay on NetBSD 1.4.x box
	it would be lovely.