Subject: Re: is ip forwarding/nat so cpu consuming?
To: Bill K. <>
From: Simas Mockevicius <>
List: tech-net
Date: 03/22/2001 23:21:02
Yes, I saw that thing on my 486, and on 90 Mhz AMD, when there was Linux installed
load averages was 0.0, but NetBSD even without ipf+nat shows averages .15 and up
I don't know why... Sorry, but I was writing because I want to show that not only
you have the same question :)


>i'm using a netbsd-1.5 box as a gateway to the internet. It is set up
>with firewalling (with ipf) and nat translation. it is a celeron 375Mhz.
>This box usually stays on all day (doing nothing..!). When i telnet it,
>it ALWAYS says that system load is about 0.15. At compile times this can
>go up to 2.5 or 3. Even after the boot the load is about 0.15. I've seen
>a 486dx/2 66 set up exactly like my celeron (but with freebsd), displaying
>system loads 0.00 (my linux says that, too!). Is ipf/nat SO cpu
>demanding.., can anyone guess what is happening here? (Of, course, top
>states that CPU states are all 0.0%)... Anyone?