Subject: Re: Configuring an IPv6 router, what do I need to configure
To: None <>
From: Andrew White <>
List: tech-net
Date: 03/19/2001 10:37:30

Thanks very much for the answers.  They dealt with what I wanted to know. wrote:
>         see for more
>         detailed instructions.

I did.  This list of questions was based on stuff that is (IMHO) either
ambiguous or not covered in that document.

> >Let's say I want to configure two interfaces, en0 and en1.  I want en0
> >to use the prefix fec0:0:0:1::\64 and en1 to use the prefix
> >fec0:0:0:2::\64.  I can get this information stored in the internal
> >routing tables by using
> >/etc/ifconfig.en0
> >/etc/ifconfig.en0
> >inet6 fec0::1:0201:23ff:fe45:6789
> >and similar for en1.  However, it would be really nice to simply specify
> >the prefix somewhere and have the system figure out the IPv6 addresses
> >itself.
> >
> >
> >So
> >
> >(1) What configuration files do I need to set to have the system
> >configure like this?  (What is the MINIMAL set of config files
> >required?).
>         /etc/ifconfig.en0:
>         inet6 fec0::1:0201:23ff:fe45:6789 prefixlen 64 alias
>         /etc/ifconfig.en1:
>         inet6 fec0::2:0201:23ff:fe45:6789 prefixlen 64 alias
>         /etc/rc.conf: add the following lines.
>                 ip6mode=router
>                 rtadvd=YES      rtadvd_flags="en0 en1"

OK.  So I have to specify the entire address for en0 and en1, and can't
simply specify the prefix and have the card construct the address?

>         you do not need /etc/rtadvd.conf, as documented in rtadvd(8)
>         manpage.

As long as I specify the ifconfig.* files.


>         i don't understand what you mean here.  who do you want to
>         autoconfigure?  the router or end hosts on adjacent ethernet?
>         i guess the question is mixed up.  try to split questions well.

[answers snipped]

For someone who says they don't understand the question, you are very good
at giving the answer I am looking for. <appreciative grin>

Thanks very much.

Andrew White