Subject: Re: Etherchannel/Bonding... Is it possible under netbsd?
To: Bill K. <>
From: Andrew Gillham <>
List: tech-net
Date: 03/15/2001 10:03:12
It is not currently available.  I have written some basic support
for this, and have tested 2 links with a Cisco 2916XL switch.
Basically I defined a 'cec' device that can be attached to ethernet
# ifconfig cec0 create
# ifconfig cec0 channel fxp0
# ifconfig cec0 channel fxp1
# ifconfig cec0 inet n.n.n.n

I was able to get around 140Mbit/s between my server with 2 x fxp
and two clients with 1 x fxp.  I haven't looked at it in the last
month or so because of moving, and having most of my machines in
storage. (including the one with the code) :-(


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Subject: Etherchannel/Bonding... Is it possible under netbsd?

> hi
> this is my first post in this list... I have currently two pc's (one using
> netbsd and one using linux) and have linked them with a 100baseTX cannel.
> want to use two nics on each pc and with two cables link them with a total
> bandwidth of 200Mbps. I've found this in linux, it's called bonding, and
> cisco calls this etherchannel. Is it possible under netbsd? I've searched
> the kernel files but couldn't find anything like this... Please, i really
> could use some help here.
> Thanks very much,
> Bill Kountouriotis.