Subject: multiple network interfaces
To: None <>
From: Douglas Egan <>
List: tech-net
Date: 03/14/2001 15:21:01
I am trying to get 2 NIC cards running simultaneously on my V1.5 NetBSD.  Each
card will run individually on either network, but when I try to get them working
simultaneously I don't have any luck.  

I have packet forwarding enabled in the kernel config file and sysctl says that
net.inet.ip.forwarding is 1.

Initially I don't want a firewall functionality or router functionality, just
want to access the machines resources (SAMBA and NFS) from two private networks.

Only the first interface enabled ever responds to pings, even if I manually
disable it and make sure the second one is on.
At the very least I would think that each interface would respond to a ping
from its own network.

Do I have to configure firewall functionality in order to get both interfaces
to work?  I will ultimately get there, but for now just want minimal dual interface

ex0  3Com905-PCI
ep0  3Com509-ISA

Any help appreciated.


Doug Egan