Subject: Configuring an IPv6 router, what do I need to configure
To: None <>
From: Andrew White <>
List: tech-net
Date: 03/14/2001 17:26:11
I'm wanting to configure a box (running NetBSD-mac) to do IPv6 routing. 
Obviously, I want to run rtadvd(8), but I don't know what config files I do
and don't need, nor if I need additional routers.

Let's say I want to configure two interfaces, en0 and en1.  I want en0 to
use the prefix fec0:0:0:1::\64 and en1 to use the prefix fec0:0:0:2::\64.

I can get this information stored in the internal routing tables by using

inet6 fec0::1:0201:23ff:fe45:6789

and similar for en1.  However, it would be really nice to simply specify the
prefix somewhere and have the system figure out the IPv6 addresses itself.


(1) What configuration files do I need to set to have the system configure
like this?  (What is the MINIMAL set of config files required?).

(2) What daemons do I need?  rtadvd obviously.  What else?

(3) Is this enough to allow me to do routing, or will this simply allow
stateless autoconfiguration?  For routing between en0 and en1, what
additional daemons do I need?

(4) Will stateless autoconfig provide hosts on my network with enough
information to default route through me, or do I need additional services
(DHCPv6 or similar)?

(5) Ok, now I want to be a DNS also.  What else do I need?


Andrew White