Subject: Re: Persistent WEP keys
To: None <>
From: Atsushi Onoe <>
List: tech-net
Date: 03/12/2001 08:08:46
> >How about this?
> >	ifconfig <if> nwkey <key>	# enable WEP with temporary key <key>
> >	ifconfig <if> nwkey persist	# enable WEP with persistent key
> >	ifconfig <if> -nwkey		# disable WEP (also delete temp key)
> >Programming persistent key can be a different interface (anconfig).
> 	how would you configure a string "persist" as a key? :-)
> 	(i think it is rather confusing to reuse an argument for <key> and
> 	"persist" keyword)

Though current NetBSD implementation of awi and wi (not sure an) accepts
any length of key, the "persist" should be an invalid key according to
ifconfig(8), which describes that <key> is 40bit (5chars) or 104bit
(13 chars).  And there are already special keys which cannot be set
as a string, such as "0xabc" (should be set as "0x3078616263").

Actually, I really want to disable the way to set wep key as a string.
Consider 5-printable chars are only 95^5 = 2^33, and can be descrypted
within *a* day even for my note PC, if I can capture an encrypted packet.

Atsushi Onoe