Subject: NetBSD, Ipf, IPNat, and VPNs...
To: '' <>
From: David Woyciesjes <>
List: tech-net
Date: 01/26/2001 10:12:39
Good day all!
	I'm hoping someone could point me to the answer for this friend of
mine... ( he's not currently subscribed to this list). I poked through the
mailing list archive, but didn't find any definitve answer.

"...Well guys, the firewall has been working like a champ... the only
since putting it in service have been to move it!

Now, I hate to bitch about a good thing, but now I can't pass ports through
for applications, particularly my VPN tunnel to my job.

Since I'm obviously too much of a dumbass to figure this out, does anybody
have any suggestions on how to do this?


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