Subject: Re: racoon and isakmpd comp.
To: Mipam <>
From: Alex Barclay <>
List: tech-net
Date: 01/22/2001 15:01:16
On Mon, 22 Jan 2001, Mipam wrote:

> In order to make use of IKE you have to use racoon or isakmpd.
> on both sites the conf must be exactly the same in order to make ipsec work.
> However, suppose one site uses racoon and the other isakmpd, would
> it be possible that that is gonna work, or is racoon only gonna work
> when on the other site also racoon is installed in which cases there
> is little compatibility in either racoon or isakmpd.

I have communication running correctly between netbsd and a cisco router
using isakmp. I have run both isakmpd and racoon and they both worked. I
have not tried running them against each other.

Racoon seems to do a far more sensible job of setting up the policy
database. Isakmpd seems to enter some wierd entries.