Subject: Changing MAC addresses on ethernet inferfaces?
To: None <>
From: Andrew Gillham <>
List: tech-net
Date: 01/15/2001 12:42:27
Is anyone planning to add a mechanism to override the UAA on an
ethernet card?

I am working on a "Cisco Ether Channel" device (cec) that needs
to change the MAC address on each interface.  Well, at least on
the additional interfaces, basically I plan on cloning the MAC
address of the first card assigned to the cec device.

I would also like to have the ability of putting a virtual MAC
on the cec device and have that propagated down to each member
of the EtherChannel.

I currently have code that more or less works, minus the problem
of the MAC being wrong.  If I can fix that, then I should have
a driver that can do outbound load balancing across up to 4
interfaces.  Combine this with a Cisco switch(*) that supports the
"set port channel" or "port group" commands, and it should be
interesting.  Also, the 'cec' driver should be able to have a
'vlan' driver layered on top.  It will be sweet if it works :)

Anyway, some generic method of changing the interface MAC address
would be very useful, not just for this purpose either. (think


(*) Note that some cheapo switches based on the VIA chipsets have
  support for "bonding" ports 1/2 (and 8/9?) as well, at least
  according to the VIA datasheet.  I have no idea what devices
  might be using this chipset, or whether they enable this feature.