Subject: Re: global ftp_proxy and http_proxy ??? ....
To: John Refling <>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: tech-net
Date: 01/10/2001 20:08:11
On Wed, 10 Jan 2001, John Refling wrote:

: Aren't these parameters typically constant throughout the duration
: of a network connection (and even the uptime of the machine) and thus
: once determined, could they not be set globally for all users by the
: system administrator, preferably in some sort of configuration file.

How about /etc/profile and /etc/csh.cshrc ?  User-specific .profile and
.cshrc ?

: Even better, is there some way to push this proxy concept down into the
: tcp/ip system so it is transparent to all applications?

The http_proxy and ftp_proxy are at a protocol level far above TCP/IP, which
has no code inside libc.  The NetBSD-provided code is at a raw data
transport level.

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