Subject: NFS-exports and root-account on "foreign" clients
To: <>
From: Marcel Meyer <>
List: tech-net
Date: 01/08/2001 23:42:55

possibly a newbie question. :-) We export many files (homes, configs etc)
with NFS from our server. But there are some computers outside of our
internal network where "other persons *g*" are root and they import those
files with the same rights too.
Problem: With root-rights it is possible to write a script or copy a
standard binary to a home-dir and set the +s bit (with root as owner).
Now, these scripts can be executed on our "normal" clients from a standard
user. That's not what we want :-).
I looked into the manpage of exports but I didn't find any useful option.
Do you have any idea (perhaps a trivial one? *g*) how to solve that

Thank you,

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