Subject: Re: kerberos on laptops
To: Michael Richardson <>
From: None <>
List: tech-net
Date: 01/01/2001 18:14:40
* [2000-12-31 19:14:09]
>   Now, I'd like it to NFS mount (later CODA, sooner NFS-over-IPv6-over-IPsec)
> my file servers when at home. But, if I enable AMD in rc.conf, then that
> screws me on the road.

I don't have a particular problem with running amd on a laptop unless
I have NFS mounts active when I disconnect (a small piece of elisp and
a shell script help prevent this).  If I understand CODA then it will
probably be better, but not perfect.

>        1) my SMTP smart-host

Done using a name in /etc/hosts which changes target depending on
where I am (static sendmail configuration).

>        2) my WWW cache
>        3) my default $PRINTER
>        4) my IPsec policies

I don't use these.

>        5) my keyboard mapping (I have a keyboard on my desk with CTRL in the
>               right place)

Currently done using xmodmap - without the need to re-start the X server.

>   based upon whether or not I have a network, and where I am.

The problem is that much of this is done `manually' by scripts which
know how to behave in different places.  It always seemed as though it
should be possible to make it automatic, bit I've never done it.

>   Of course, I'd also like to do this without rebooting, but that would be a
> bonus. (it appears that my notebook does can not switch keyboards without 
> a reboot...)

USB may be your friend for the keyboard switching problem.