Subject: Re: Xircom RealPort 10/100 + Modem 56 card supported ? (fwd)
To: Jason R Thorpe <>
From: Alan Horn <>
List: tech-net
Date: 11/21/2000 17:15:02
On Mon, 20 Nov 2000, Jason R Thorpe wrote:

>Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2000 11:20:01 -0800
>From: Jason R Thorpe <>
>To: Alan Horn <>
>Subject: Re: Xircom RealPort 10/100 + Modem 56 card supported ? (fwd)
>On Mon, Nov 20, 2000 at 06:44:31PM +0000, Alan Horn wrote:
> > Does anyone have a sample kernel config file for using this card on a
> > Toshiba Tecra 8100 ?
>Yes, it works in the upcoming 1.5 release.  Make sure you have all of
>the cardbus related options enabled (look at GENERIC_LAPTOP), and enable
>tlp at cardbus and com at cardbus.

I enabled com at cardbus etc.. dmesg reports the device as :

com3 at pcmcia0 function 0: serial device
com3: ns8250 or ns16450, no fifo

Then I get a series of :
com3: com_iflush timeout 40
(about 5 or 6 of them each time the card is inserted)

Next, when I try to tip to com3 if get the 'connected ' message from tip,
but cannot get any echo back from any commands I type.

Hitting ~. to get out of tip causes the process to zombie and hang there
until I physically eject the xircom card from the system (I should point
out that this same behaviour is observed with both a Hayes Accura V90 and
a psion gold card pcmcia modem). Sometimes this eject causes a kernel
panic but that may be a separate issue.

When pppd is running the connected mobile phone must get some activity
because it reports 'Accessory connected' on the phone readout
briefly. However since the chat script just sends AT commands I think we
end up in the same situation.

Ejecting the card when pppd is running gives the following error :

pppd[xxx]: tcsetattr: Inapproriate ioctl for device

Any thoughts or help greatly appreciated.



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