Subject: Re: core dumped after a make build !!!
To: Richard PLOIX <>
From: Richard Earnshaw <>
List: tech-net
Date: 11/13/2000 11:27:45
> hello,
> I have a 1.4.1 arm32 system,
> I need to convet it to 1.4.2,
> I got the last release sources from bu SUP.
> I do a make build in the /usr/src directory, and after a long time, 
> the process stops on an error : touch 'a filename'
>                                 *** error 1 ***
> I don't remember the filename.
> After that, a do a make clean and a new make build.
> At this moment, the first call to the system responds :
> Bad system call core dumped.
> Ther are a lot of this message during the process.
> I do a 'man ls', and I obtain the same message again.
> I think that my system need to be reinstall, may be.
> some help,
> thank's,
> R.

When upgrading, the first thing you must *always* do is to install a new 
kernel.  You appear to have installed a new system library (and possibly 
some new utilities) that use the new calls into the kernel that aren't 
supported by your existing kernel.

You may be able to rectify the situation if you remove the latest copy of that you have just installed (but be careful, you might end up 
with a completely dead system if your old libc is not there, or if you 
have installed new utilities that rely on it).  If not, your only recourse 
is a backup of your old system (you do have one, don't you?), or to 
download a ready-built snapshot and install that.