Subject: Re: Adding routes through gateways on a different network??
To: Tony Hernandez <>
From: Michael Richardson <>
List: tech-net
Date: 11/04/2000 20:42:01
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>>>>> "Tony" == Tony Hernandez <> writes:
    Tony> It is possible to add a route to a machine on a different network through a
    Tony> gateway on a different network? like say I wanted to add a route to
    Tony> through as a gateway while my machine is on lets
    Tony> say  ?? Is there any way to do this? I'm just curious to see
    Tony> if can work somehow it would answer a lot of questions over here.

  If and are on the same wire, then you can either
place games with arp, or you can use "route -iface".
  If you not, you may be able to use a source route, but I don't know of a
way to do this with stock netbsd. Seems that we ought to have an option to 
route to do this.
  If you know that is running something IPIP support,
(e.g. netbsd), then you may be able to build a tunnel, but I'd have to look
at the code to know if you have to have a GIF configured for the
decapsulation code to work. The question as to how to get packets back to you 
is another question.
  If you control, then setup a GIF/IPIP tunnel or IPsec tunnel.

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