Subject: Re: Recommendation for wirelass equipment required
To: Jeff Smith <>
From: Castor Fu <>
List: tech-net
Date: 10/21/2000 11:01:49
> Martin Husemann wrote:
> > Yes, but (at least when I looked) at a price where I prefered to get single
> > parts and get another (old) i386 instead of the base station. Which had
> > additional benefits in my concrete setup, and as soon as "small" or "silent"
> > get more important, your mileage will vary.
> It costs $85 more to use the lucent base station I guess.  A friend
> could not get the Cisco/Aironet card connecting in ad hoc mode to
> a NetBSD computer with a lucent card.  Do not know what OS was running
> on the Cisco card.  I have the lucent base station working well with

The Cisco/Aironet card was on a Win98SE system.  My suspicion is that
"ad hoc" mode is not as well standardized as base station mode.
The Cisco wanted one to specify the channel used for ad hoc mode, whereas
the Lucent/Wavelan/Orinoco cards just use channel "3" in the US.

Incidentally, the external antenna which one can buy for the lucent 
cards seem to buy me about 10 feet of additional range outdoors.  I think
the lucent RG-1000 just relies on the built-in antenna.  I don't know what
the airport does.