Subject: Re: Multicast routing and unnumbered point-to-point interfaces
To: None <>
From: Hitoshi Asaeda <>
List: tech-net
Date: 10/07/2000 02:09:23
>  > I agree that we don't use VIFF_TUNNEL as an interface (vif) flag
>  > anymore. However, VIFF_TUNNEL and VIFF_SRCRT aren't needed to be
>  > changed to OVIFF_TUNNEL and OVIFF_SRCRT.
>  > Because daemon codes, mrouted, pimd etc. have these flags and adding
>  > "O" doesn't have any effectiveness, these can be still kept in
>  > ip_mroute.h without change, I think.
> The reason for this is to make it obvious that they're "obsolete" or
> "old" .. and I want to keep the defns around so I can return a sane
> error condition.

Yes, I know the meaning of "O".:) But I think you don't need to change
the name to make it be obvious.
(If you do so, mrouted and pimd must be changed. If adding "O" is so
reasonable, of course, I can agree to change from VIFF_... to
OVIFF_... and these daemon codes. However, I cannot understand the
Is it not enough for you only to put a comment, "obsoleted"?
Hitoshi Asaeda