Subject: NIS/YP interoperability
To: None <>
From: Brandon D. Valentine <>
List: tech-net
Date: 06/27/2000 01:57:28
I'll start out by being frank, I've never used NetBSD, as I've never had
a need for it.  I'm mostly a FreeBSD guy.  But, hey, we're all one big
family, right?

I've been tasked with replacing a couple of NIS servers currently
running sparc linux on an ss20 and ss5.  The linux NIS/YP and NFS
implementations flat out can't cut it.  I'm not sure why these servers
have hobbled along this far.  The final nail in the coffin for linux as
a NIS server is that it just plain doesn't work with the various IRiX
clients we've just inherited.  I could put Solaris 8 on these sparcs and
run the Sun NIS reference implmentation, but that wouldn't make me very
happy.  These machines have sun4m CPUs and not a lot of disk space.
Sol8 would kill them.  Plus, I'm a BSD guy, my administration headaches
will be much easier if I can get away with NetBSD/sparc on them.  The
question is, how good is NetBSD's ypserv implmentation?  Without having
first hand experience it's difficult to judge.  I am hoping that those
who have tread here before will offer up insight.

Brandon D. Valentine
bandix at  |  bandix at
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