Subject: Re: IP Address
To: Matthew Fincham <>
From: Andrew Gillham <>
List: tech-net
Date: 06/26/2000 12:13:52
Matthew Fincham writes:
> HI All
> I am new to the NetBSD newsgroups, so sorry if this posting is in the
> incorrect group. A small reprimand would be glady accepted :-)

Yes, 'tech-net' is for "technical discussions about networking", so your
question really belongs in "netbsd-users."

> I am wanting to establish the IP address of the machine on which NetBSD is
> running. I was wondering if looking at the /etc/ifconfig.?? files was the
> right appoach, or am I on the wrong track?

You can use (one of):
	netstat -in
	ifconfig -a | more
	ifconfig xxN (like 'de0')
	cat /etc/ifconfig.xxN  and cat /etc/hosts (to match the names)

The simplest (IMHO) is probably 'netstat -in' which will give you a list
of all active interfaces and their ip addresses. (and any aliases)

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