Subject: Re: USB ADSL modems
To: Roger Brooks <>
From: Nick Hudson <>
List: tech-net
Date: 06/22/2000 17:21:18
Roger Brooks wrote:
> On Wed, 21 Jun 2000, Nick Hudson wrote:
> >Does anyone know if a USB ADSL modem is likely to work with NetBSD?
> >BT are lauching an ADSL service that uses this type of setup next month
> >and I'm desparate to get my hands on the extra BW.
> >From the discussion in uk.telecom it seems that the USB-terminated
> ("domestic") service won't actually be available until around September.
> This costs GBP 40 per month.  AFAIK, only the 10baseT-terminated (business)
> service (which costs GBP 117 per month) is available next month.

Yeah I've signed up for the GBP 40/month USB modem offering not
realising that it won't be available until September :-(
> The USB-terminated service uses an Alcatel USB ATM modem (provided by BT)
> and runs PPPoA.  There's some information about the modem on the Alcatel
> web site.  It's a strange-looking thing (a bit like the mini-sub from
> "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea").  Allegedly someone is working on
> a Linux driver, but is there a chance it might Just Work with the NetBSD
> umodem driver?  Also, does NetBSD have support for PPPoA?

I was trying to see if anyone knew how it all fits together and if there
is support in NetBSD. The thing I don't really understand is the USB
part of the equation. I'm happy reading RFC2364 to cover of PPPoA - I
used to help design core ATM and IP dial networks! Its then a question
of what NetBSD does and doesn't support now and getting it supported.
I'll take a look at the Linux driver page.

> BT say that only W98SE and W2000 are supported.  I don't posess either of
> these pieces of shit, and have no intention of ever buying them, so I'll
> wait at least until it's known to work under Linux (and maybe the price
> has dropped a bit).

I have no intention of running any other than NetBSD.

> Non-UK readers may be amused by the name of the service : BT Openworld.
> It certainly is!  Their web site exposed the personal details of hundreds
> of customers who had signed up early to have the installation charge waived.

Really, where?

> Roger