Subject: Re: default setting
To: Assar Westerlund <>
From: None <>
List: tech-net
Date: 06/19/2000 10:46:44
>Why does it need a new configuration?  I would imagine that the
>default (with no configuration file change) should be to listen on all
>the supported socket types, and those that just want to listen on a
>subset of them can add an option that does that. is kind of like a program by itself.  it does address
	parsing by itself, like itojun@[] or ORBS filtering.
	if we blindly enable listening socket for IPv6, old
	will choke due to unexpected source address string when it makes
	ORBS lookup, for example.  8.10.[012] did not get this right and
	enabled IPv6 blindly, causing trouble.  8.11beta is doing the right
	thing - listen to IPv4 socket only by default, and add listening
	sockets as DaemonPortOptions says.
	(netbsd-current tree has 8.10.2 in gnu/dist/sendmail, with 8.11
	corrections merged in)

>Assuming we can make sendmail do the right thing without requiring any
>configuration file syntax changes (that might later be changed again
>by the sendmail.{org,com}-people), I would suggest fixing the NetBSD
>source while waiting for a new sendmail release.

	yes, this is the my conclusion.
	at this moment, we'd need to supply IPv4/v6 for
	IPv4/v6 kenel, and IPv4 for IPv4 kernel.
	when guys integrate my patch, we can place single that can cover IPv4/v6, IPv4-only, and IPv6-only kernel.

>Can you give us a pointer to your patch?

	I'll try to find it from my archive later.