Subject: Re: default setting
To: None <>
From: Assar Westerlund <>
List: tech-net
Date: 06/19/2000 02:32:04 writes:
> >I would really like sendmail to have one configuration file and do the
> >right thing (listen on the supported socket types at run-time).  Is
> >that not feasible?
> 	I have the fix, however, it needs little configuration syntax change
> 	(a new option letter in "DeamonPortOptions" line to make an address
> 	family/listening socket optional).  I've sent the patch to
> 	and waiting for them to integrate it.

Why does it need a new configuration?  I would imagine that the
default (with no configuration file change) should be to listen on all
the supported socket types, and those that just want to listen on a
subset of them can add an option that does that.

Assuming we can make sendmail do the right thing without requiring any
configuration file syntax changes (that might later be changed again
by the sendmail.{org,com}-people), I would suggest fixing the NetBSD
source while waiting for a new sendmail release.

Can you give us a pointer to your patch?