Subject: [network driver] Device not configured error
To: , <>
From: Vikram <>
List: tech-net
Date: 06/15/2000 21:48:34
Hi Everybody,
    I am trying to write a fresh network card driver for my ethernet card.
    This is the first time I am trying to write driver on NetBSD, so pls.
try to answer my questions.
    I am using if_de driver as the reference driver. So most of the things
like ...some function  calls , data structures are are still unclear to me
about their real use.
    I have just written attach and probe routines and tested .. it works
    1) I register my ioctl
    2) if_start funciton
    3) establish interrupt and
    4) access card registers
    1) only ioctl is getting called
    2) if_start and interrupt funcitons are not getting called.
and beofore the IOCTL gets called the ifconfig is saying "Device not
So may I get why this is happening?
1) How device is to be configured? ( in which function I am expected to tell
the "upper layers" that yes device is configured pls. start calling the
functions if_start and also interrupts?
Thanx in advance