Subject: volunteers wanted: TAHI IPv6 conformance test event, July 15-18, Yokohama Japan
To: None <>
From: Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino <>
List: tech-net
Date: 06/15/2000 20:40:31
	At the venue of ISOC INET2000 conference, there will be an IPv6
	conformance test event, with almost no charge:
		July 15-18, Yokohama Japan
	KAME stack has been tested by the TAHI folks.

	I basically am confident that I did not break IPv6 conformance during
	the KAME-NetBSD integration, I think it would be better to run TAHI
	test against NetBSD-current box.  The problem is, I'm deeply involved
	in the INET2000 backbone network setups, tutorials, TAHI/KAME
	coordinations, demonstrations and other things in INET2000, and I may
	not be able to handle the NetBSD-current test target.

	So, I need your help:
	If you can come to the venue as "NetBSD guy" with your NetBSD-current
	notebook PC (or Macintosh powerbook if you want), and take TAHI IPv6
	conformance test, it would be really really helpful, since it will
	ensure the quality of NetBSD 1.5 IPv6 portion.
	I will be at the venue and will be able to correct any of breakage
	found right away.  Please contact me directly.  Feel free to ask
	any questions on the list.
	NOTE: TAHI guys speak English very well, so don't afraid even if you do
	not speak Japanese.