Subject: Re: warning: d-link 530TX+ cards are no longer "vr"s.
To: None <>
From: Erik Fair <>
List: tech-net
Date: 06/14/2000 04:56:23
Honest to god tulip cards are still being sold on eBay, if you know 
what to look for; generally searching for "21140" and "21143" will 
turn up various implementations.

I personally find the Znyx ZX345 (a 21140 card) works best in MacPPC 
systems because MacOS 9 will drive it without special drivers, in 
addition to NetBSD talking to it nicely. It also seems to negotiate 
Nway with all the different switches I have correctly. I believe that 
Znyx is still using 21143's in their later model cards.

However, it's even possible to find honest to god DEC DE500 cards 
from time to time.

	Erik <>