Subject: Re: [Drivers & LKM ] Any driver available?
To: None <>
From: Michael Richardson <>
List: tech-net
Date: 06/05/2000 11:45:39
>>>>> "Vikram" == Vikram  <> writes:
    Vikram> [1 <text/plain; iso-8859-1 (quoted-printable)>] Hello Everybody,
    Vikram> Is there any LKM network driver available?  Or for the first
    Vikram> chance is something like that available?

  Alas, it is currently not possible for an LKM to install itself into
the autoconf system. I would like very much to have some time to put together
a proposal. (Does any other *BSD permit it?)

    Vikram> It looks like real pain to build a kernel each time you
    Vikram> add/change a network card.

  Generally, it isn't such a big deal if you build in five or six brands
of card that you typically have on hand, and it is a lot easier to manage
one file (the kernel) than all of the LKMs as well.

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