Subject: Re: EDNS0 support in resolver
To: None <>
From: Michael Graff <>
List: tech-net
Date: 06/02/2000 15:53:08
Do you fall back to non-edns0 if you get FORMERR?

--Michael writes:

> 	Since we support IPv6 transport DNS queries in libc resolver,
> 	I think we should support EDNS0 to take advantage of larger minimum
> 	MTU.  Does it sound right to bring it in before 1.5, switchable by
> 	"options edns0" on /etc/resolv.conf? (since BIND4/8 chokes with
> 	EDNS0, we should make it off by default - BIND9 works just fine)
> 	We have some code in
> 	(check #ifdef RES_USE_EDNS0 in res_*.c)
> itojun