Subject: ipf logging
To: None <>
From: James Thompson <>
List: tech-net
Date: 06/02/2000 10:42:27

I'm new to NetBSD and have been attempting to add logging with ip filter
on a Sparc 1 without any luck.  After reading the IP Filter How-To I tried
the following ipf.conf file to see if anything will log

block in  log quick           all
block out log quick           all

I then do 

ipf -Fa -f /etc/ipf.conf
ipmon -s &

but nothing appears in my logs when I attempt to ping into or out of the
box.  Using


also relsults in no output to the terminal

and then tried the following /etc/ipf.conf

pass in log quick all

with the same results

The filtering of the packets is working as the first example blocks all
traffic to and from the machine.

A little more info....

grunt1# ipf -V
ipf: IP Filter: v3.3.6 (192)
Kernel: IP Filter: v3.3.6               
Running: yes
Log Flags: 0 = none set
Default: pass all, Logging: unavailable
Active list: 0

passing various -l options to ipf didn't help.

If this is a RTFM then let me know which FM to read as I've tried the man
pages, the how-to, ane the tech-net archives without finding anything that
is pointing me at what I've done wrong.

Thanks in Advance,

James Thompson    138 Cardwell Hall  Manhattan, Ks   66506    785-532-0561 
Kansas State University                          Department of Mathematics