Subject: Re: getnameinfo type incompatibility
To: None <>
From: Klaus Klein <>
List: tech-net
Date: 06/01/2000 09:46:12 writes:

> 	- use new into sys/ansi.h (klaus)
>               [...}
> 		cons: why re-invent?

For two reasons: with the current <machine/ansi.h> technique the
private identifier (the macro) can only be used until used in a
typedef, and for fixed-width integral types it avoids needless

BTW, it's not a reinvention; there is prior art.

> +/* NOTE: socklen_t is not part of ANSI standard, it is in XSH5 */

Actually it's XNS5, and there are several other non-C89 types defined
in this file as well.