Subject: Re: ifmedia doc wrong
To: None <>
From: Ken Hornstein <>
List: tech-net
Date: 04/21/2000 11:21:33
>    der> This is definitely wrong.  10base5 is "thicknet" - the old heavy coax,
>    der> 500m length limit, whereas AUI is not strictly a media type at all;
>    der> it's a host<->transceiver interface that can be used with at least
>  I've never seen a thicknet system that wasn't connected to hosts via the
>AUI ports. That was because you didn't cut the thicknet, you soldered the
>transceiver around it, and then connected via up-to-50m AUI cable to the
>host. I never had to do the soldering, but I did maintain such a network in
>the early '90s.

I _think_ der Mouse's complaint is that AUI doesn't necessarily mean
10base5 (you can plug an 10baseT tranceiver into an AUI port on your
Ethernet card, for example).  At this point, though .... is it really
worth changing?  I think everyone really _knows_ what it means.