Subject: Re: Setting ipv6 default router without getting a MAC-based ipv6 addr
To: <>
From: None <>
List: tech-net
Date: 02/26/2000 13:24:24
>	I'm not sure what if your trouble here.
>>I want to use an address of my own, rather than the MAC-based address,
>>for a machine.  The only way, other than hard-coding the route, to get
>>an ipv6 default router is rtsol, but that also adds a MAC-based

	I missed one item in Subject line:
	from IPv6 specification, we really need to use link-local address
	as "gateway" field in the routing table.  So if you need to
	configure routes, you need to use link-local address.

	If you REALLY need to configure routes by hand, and you need to
	change link-local addresses into rememberable ones (0:0:0:1, 0:0:0:2)
	you can change them like this.
	# ifconfig ne2 inet6 fe80:x::abcd:efgh -alias
	# ifconfig ne2 inet6 fe80:x::1 prefixlen 64 alias
	This is NOT RECOMMENDED.  Removing and adding link-local address can
	have certain negative impact (like breaking multicast group setups).
	Also, certain bits in interface identifier has certain meanings.
	You really need to be careful when you change link-local address
	this way.
	(also I should note that, by changing interface identifier like this,
	you will have higher possibility for address duplication - something
	IPv6 have avoided with introduction of 64bit interface identifier).

>>Are there any plans of adding a "configure routes, don't add
>>addresses" flag to rtsol?  I don't own/maintain the routers, so they
>>can change over time.  I do control my reverse IP lookups though.
>	use ifconfig.  rtsol is just like dhclient for IPv6, only useful
>	when you have a router.  (NOTE: Don't run rtadvd and rtsol on the
>	same node, this is not the right way!)

	sorry I misread here.  Router advertisement/solicitation are designed
	to simplify management of end hosts.  It is not good to tweak
	end hosts.  There is no plan to add the above option.

	If you need to configure route,
	- use routing protocol if you are router
	- use rtsol if you are end host and there's adjacent router
	- use route(8) only if you really need to configure static route
	which one is your situation?  Not sure why you need to configure route
	when you have no adjacent router...