Subject: Re: Setting ipv6 default router without getting a MAC-based ipv6 addr
To: Michael Graff <>
From: None <>
List: tech-net
Date: 02/26/2000 13:11:19
	I'm not sure what if your trouble here.

>I want to use an address of my own, rather than the MAC-based address,
>for a machine.  The only way, other than hard-coding the route, to get
>an ipv6 default router is rtsol, but that also adds a MAC-based

	if you want to configure global IPv6 address with arbitrary
	address prefix (upper 64bit) and/or interface identifier (lower 64bit),
	you can do this:
	(prefix = 3ffe:501:ffff::/64, interface id = 0:0:0:1)

	# ifconfig ne2 inet6 3ffe:501:ffff::1 prefixlen 64 alias

>Are there any plans of adding a "configure routes, don't add
>addresses" flag to rtsol?  I don't own/maintain the routers, so they
>can change over time.  I do control my reverse IP lookups though.

	use ifconfig.  rtsol is just like dhclient for IPv6, only useful
	when you have a router.  (NOTE: Don't run rtadvd and rtsol on the
	same node, this is not the right way!)

>Whoever put the ff:fe bits in the _middle_ of an ipv6 address should
>be taken out and beaten.  The way things are now, anything on an ipv6
>subnet needs to have one common DNS server.  Grr.

	ff:fe is not IPv6 thing,  this is to convert 6byte MAC address into
	8byte EUI64 address.  IEEE decided this, IIRC.