Subject: re: pfil changes for ipv6
To: Darren Reed <>
From: matthew green <>
List: tech-net
Date: 02/22/2000 22:18:12
   > -		pfil_list_add(&ph->ph_in, func, flags);
   > +		pfil_list_add(&ph->ph_in, func, PFIL_IN);
   >  	if (flags & PFIL_OUT)
   > -		pfil_list_add(&ph->ph_out, func, flags);
   > +		pfil_list_add(&ph->ph_out, func, PFIL_OUT);
   >  }
   This is currently correct as it is - passing PFIL_IN/OUT means you
   lose PFIL_WAITOK which can be important, if not others (ok, so there
   aren't any _yet_ :-).

no it isn't.  with just 'flags' you lose when flags contains both PFIL_IN 
and PFIL_OUT.  this is the bug that i fixed mike is talking about.  you need
to mask them somehow..

	if (flags & PFIL_OUT)
		pfil_list_add(&ph->ph_out, func, (flags & ~PFIL_IN));