Subject: Re: getaddrinfo() and IPV6 problem in fetchmail?
To: None <>
From: Urban Boquist <>
List: tech-net
Date: 02/11/2000 00:31:54
>>>>> itojun  writes:

>> I upgraded my "fetchmail", using NetBSD pkgsrc and suddenly it
>> stopped working.

itojun> 	Not sure which side (fetchmail or /etc/services)
itojun> should be corrected.

Hi Itojun, and thanks for the quick response.

Unfortunately, even after fixing /etc/services, I had real problems
before I could get fetchmail to work completely as one compiled
without inet6 support.

So take this as a public warning for other people upgrading fetchmail... ;-)

The problem was that if fetchmail is built with inet6 support, the
"port" keyword in ~/.fetchmailrc no longer works (I need that to
connect to a certain mail server via an ssh port forwarding). You have
to use a new keyword "service" instead. None of this is mentioned in
the manual page or in the example .fetchmailrc file. Even worse, if
you have specified a port, it does not even raise an error, it is just
silently ignored... ;-(

In any case, I'm not blaiming you for this, I'll report it to the
fetchmail maintainers.

Thanks again,

        -- Urban

P.S. Maybe it would be a good idea to emit a warning for people
building fetchmail from pkgsrc now? Something like:

Warning: if you have previously used fetchmail you must change all
uses of the "port" keyword in ~/.fetchmailrc, from:

	port XXX


	service "XXX"