Subject: Re: v6 question
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: tech-net
Date: 02/10/2000 02:45:28
>> 	I hope I got it right...
>> 	If the target of the advertisement (from ne0) is end node, run
>> 	rtadvd on your router like
>> 	# rtadvd ne0
>> 	and run rtsol on your end nodes.
>> 	your peer
>> 	  |
>> 	  | tunnel
>> 	  |
>> 	your router
>> 	  | ne0
>> 	==+===== foo/64
>> 	your end nodes
>> 	If you need to advertise routes to another router, route6d (or
>> 	pkgsrc/net/zebra) should be used to advertise routes.
>OK, but what's rtsold for then - running rtsol in background?

	yes, that's correct.

	rtadvd: for routers that wish to send router advertisement packets
		("i'm a router, i'm here").  it will send RAs periodically,
		and whenever asked by others via router solicitation.
	rtsold: for end nodes that wish to send router solicitation packets
		("where is my router") periodically.
		rtsold is useful for nomadic nodes (like notebook PC that travel
		across several ethernet segments).
	rtsol: rtsold's variant that runs in foreground, and transmits
		router solicitation only once.  for desktops it is sufficient
		as router will periodically transmit RA.