Subject: Re: v6 question
To: None <>
From: Michael Richardson <>
List: tech-net
Date: 02/09/2000 21:19:12
>>>>> "itojun" == itojun  <> writes:
    itojun> 	Is your "external" network shared medium, or p2p? (I'm novice about
    itojun> 	what PPPoE look like)  If p2p, you do not need global address

  Well, I don't know. It is an example. PPPoE is sort of just PPP with layer
1 being ethernet instead of HDLC.

    itojun> 	external network.  If you have link-local address on external
    itojun> 	interface, route6d can exchange route just fine.

  Good point. 

    itojun> 	Even if it is shared medium, if you have no neighbor other than
    itojun> 	router on external interface, route6d may work without global address
    itojun> 	(not tested recently but should be okay).

    itojun> 	For internal address, apparently you don't need to/want to reconfigure.

  I want the *router* to know what the addresses are (i.e. me an address
server), but all the other nodes to autoconfigure on that wire.

  So, I guess it is okay.

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