Subject: Re: v6 question
To: None <>
From: der Mouse <mouse@Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
List: tech-net
Date: 02/09/2000 20:28:00
>>> The [IPv6] specification prohibits autoconfiguration of routers.
>> I'd think that the very common case of having an autoconfigured
>> "external" address (PPPoE, ADSL, SDSL, CableModem) and a manually
>> configured internal address (your IPv6 block, which you advertise to
>> your provider via an IGP) would be pretty common in the future.
> Is your "external" network shared medium, or p2p?  (I'm novice about
> what PPPoE look like)

PPPoE is just normal PPP, except that the PPP frames, instead of
getting a pseudo-HDLC encapsulation and being sent over serial lines
(or moral equivalents), get a PPPoE encapsulation and are sent over

It's exactly as p2p as the PPP running on top of it is. :-)

> If p2p, you do not need global address for external network.

Okay, that disposes of the p2p cases.

> Even if it is shared medium, if you have no neighbor other than
> router on external interface,

This is not the case in general.  Cable-modems, for example, are
generally pretty much like an Ethernet: everyone on your piece of cable
is your direct neighbor.  You just have a DHCP-assigned address rather
than a fixed address.  (Some cable-modem connectivity providers do
assign addresses statically, but some don't.)

You say that "autoconfiguration" is prohibited for routers; what does
this term include?  If it includes things like how DHCP is currently
used, I expect this to be a crippling problem for IPv6 adoption,
because of exactly this scenario.

					der Mouse

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