Subject: tulip drivers and MX98715A* versions
To: None <>
From: Castor Fu <>
List: tech-net
Date: 02/02/2000 07:54:38
I got one of the Sohoware 10/100 ethernet cards
based on the Macronix MX98715AEC.  With a few mods to the
tulip driver, it seems to work as well as other MX98715A 
drivers, (i.e. autonegotiation is a little busted).  
[the LED settings are stored in a different register
in the SROM, and require a little bit of twiddling].

However, I don't have a known way of identifying this chip.
Mine identifies itself as chip rev 2.5, while the datasheets
for the 98715AEC and the 98715A both simply claim they
will be major version 2 with stepping values of between 0 and F.

Does anyone else have more datapoints on chip revs, so we
can identify versions correctly?