Subject: Re: netstat -i in /etc/daily
To: None <>
From: Alexis Rosen <>
List: tech-net
Date: 01/24/2000 10:44:51
On Mon, Jan 24, 2000 at 07:42:36PM +0900, said:
> >> 	for IPv6 we already have -v (avoid truncation, with unaligned columns).
> >> 	i think it okay to reuse it.
> >I don't run IPv6 yet so I have no real opinion on this but I suspect a lot
> >of poeple will dislike reusing a flag.
> 	It makes much more sense to me to use the same flag, for similar
> 	functionality on top of different AFs.

Sorry, of course. I misread what you wrote.

> >> 	we may be able to expand "Network" column to occupy 18 letters,
> >> 	instead of 13 letters, to avoid IPv4 address/prefix truncation.
> >> 	we need to remove some of stat items on the righthand side, to do this.
> >Again, doesn't bother me, but some people are likely going to be very
> >unhappy. Actually, maybe it does bother me- sometimes I need those numbers.
> 	I believe there's no solution that can make everyone happy.
> 	My proposal is
> 	- leave the default behavior as is (since some may depend on it)
> 	- and when -v is supplied, don't truncate columns to certain length.
> 	  (don't merge 3rd and 4th columns, just don't truncate)
> 	I believe this is good enough, and comes with very little surprise.
> 	A patch that does my proposal, and the sample output (with -in and
> 	with -inv) is attached.  Try it if you have time.

I will soon.

Since I'm not volunteering to write the code, I have little standing to ask
for more, but I will repeat one last plea for a version that combines address
and netmask with all the other info- perhaps with yet another flag. I think
what we have here is a case of two principles ("do it right" and "least
surprise") are in conflict. Of course, my suggestion may violate a third
principle ("don't try to please everyone")...