Subject: Re: making SOMAXCONN patchable/sysctl'able?
To: Matt Thomas <>
From: Bill Sommerfeld <>
List: tech-net
Date: 01/22/2000 13:01:35
> >I'd like to do this, so's to allow dynamically changing SOMAXCONN
> >without requiring a kernel build/reboot.  Anyone object?
> >Any other static params to do while I'm in there?
> >
> >this affects listening sockets in all protocol families, so I think it
> >should go in a socket-level part of the mib. Does creating net.socket
> >and putting it as net.socket.maxconn sound OK?
> >(or lisen_queue_max? Any prior art, in Tru64, Solaris, ?)
> 2msl should be settable.  

That should go into the existing net.inet.tcp, with a big warning flag
saying "setting this too small can lead to data corruption".

> so should be the default ttl (tcp_ttl)

That should also go into the existing net.inet.tcp

					- Bill