Subject: Re: systat(1) change for IPv6
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: tech-net
Date: 01/07/2000 16:17:21
>:	Is it okay if I change:
>:	- "inet.ip" into "ip", 
>:	- "inet.icmp" into "icmp",
>:	- "inet.tcp" into "tcp",
>:	- "inet.tcpsyn" into "tcpsyn" ?
>They were initially as that but were changed to have "inet." prefix.
>Problem was that "tcp" is a shortcut in netstat mode, so a global "tcp"
>made the netstat mode shortcut impossible to use.

	understood.  a bit ugly, but how about it?
	- "inet.ip" into "ip", 
	- "inet.icmp" into "icmp",
	- "inet.tcp" into "tcpstat",	<-- changed
	- "inet.tcpsyn" into "tcpsyn" ?
	- "inet6" (new)
	- "ipsec" (new)
	- "icmp6" (new)
	(anyway commands are not very consistent, like "mbufs" and "vmstat")